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Ajisen Ramen

Terminal 2 (gates 16–38)

Terminal 1 (gates 11–15)

West Wing

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Welcome to Ajisen Ramen!

Delicious ramen soups, sizzling rice and many other delicates from Asia are  available at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Originally from Japan, this restaurant chain has expanded all around the world for the past 20 years.


Ajisen Ramen's ramen soups are the heart of this restaurant chain's kitchens. The soups have been prepared from first quality ingredients and as a base they have the tonkotsu broth that has been boiled from pork bones and mixed with the top secret senmiyu made by Ajisen Ramen. This delicious ramen is of course combined with noodles, different kinds of vegetables and meat flavours from the Asian cuisine such as pork cha siu. 


Ajisen Ramen's roots are in Kumamoto Japan, where Takaharu Shigemitsu opened the first restaurant in 1968. Shigemitsu had developed a noodle recipe that got very popular. People all around Japan got excited of his delicious ramen soups and today the brand has over 800 restaurants around 700 of them locates in China.


The new Ajisen Ramen at Helsinki Airport operates in the new West Wing terminal serving customers that flies to non-Schengen area. The restaurant has space for 217 customers in two floors. From downstairs the customers can have some of the ramen soups and sushi also for take away and upstairs the customers can enjoy a full Asian menu with dumplings, sizzling rice and of course ramen soups.

Ajisen Ramen is closed for the time being.


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