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Ajisen Ramen, Jamie's Deli and Moomin Coffee arriving at Helsinki Airport

Finland’s first Ajisen Ramen, Jamie’s Deli and Moomin Coffee, operated by SSP Finland, will open their doors at Helsinki Airport. The renowned restaurants, operated by SSP, will complement the airport’s wide range of services when the newest part of the ongoing terminal expansion opens at the beginning of next year.

Ajisen Ramen is an international ramen chain restaurant, originating in  Kumamoto, Japan.  It has over 800 stores worldwide, including over 700 stores in China.

Moomin Coffee is inspired by the Finnish fictional character Moomin, which is popular around the world. The café offers passengers the opportunity to enjoy great food in the relaxed and warm ambiance that is familiar from the storybook’s Moominvalley.

Jamie’s Deli, from the world-famous chef Jamie Oliver is well-suited to today’s fast-paced way of living. The brand is known for its fresh, responsibly-sourced and healthy food.

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