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Moomin, treats and rubies at the new Helsinki Airport Moomin Coffee

Moomin, treats and rubies at the new Helsinki Airport Moomin Coffee

SSP Finland had a reason to celebrate on Monday 13.5.2019, when the new Jamie’s Deli restaurant and the Moomin Coffee café in the west wing were simultaneously opened. Attending the celebration were media, business partners and naturally our own staff. The red ribbon was cut in honor of the opening and soon the restaurants were filled with curious travelers admiring the treats on offer, as well as the stylish design of the premises.

The super sweet Moomin Coffee is like a piece of the beloved Moominvalley right at the airport. In the center of the café the beautifully placed Moomin characters invite you in; the gentle Moominmamma, the cunning Little My and of course Moomintroll himself.  Moominpappa’s top-hat and cane which hang in the store’s coat rack make your imagination to run wild – can Moominpappa be seen anywhere?

The Moomin theme is present also in the café’s food selection.  Here it is possible to taste Sniff’s delicious chocolate bread, Little My’s strawberry-vanilla valley, which is an enormous ice-cream sundae and of course Moominmamma’s sweet pancakes, which are available with two different toppings. Other dishes appear to be from a fairytale as well - one sandwich has eggs for eyes and the other meatballs. “In the implementation of this café, the imagination was set free and our team have done an amazing job. The ambiance of the café and its selection is exactly as story-like as we had hoped”, says Pia Jormanainen, Managing Director of SSP Finland.

How about the rubies, where are they?

The rubies are not here yet, however they will arrive in June. For children the restaurant offers drawing and other activities, however, soon there will be a totally new  type of entertainment when SSP Finland releases a Moomin themed AR Ruby hunt adventure at Helsinki Airport as part of the marketing for Moomin Coffee. The route has been brought into effect in collaboration with ZOAN, Arilyn and Hartwall Jaffa. With the help of gold framed Moomin posters and your smartphone you will be able to sneak a peek into Moomintroll’s hunt for the missing ruby pieces. Each poster includes a new adventure. “We wanted to try something new.  Sometimes a five hour layover can be a drag so the Ruby hunt is our way to combat boredom. It is best to reserve some extra time for the route. The Ruby hunt is similar to a treasure hunt which is a familiar game at children’s birthday parties, however augmented reality has been added. We will inform a more specific date and additional information in the near future”, states Tero Asikainen Purchasing Director of SSP Finland.

Who should choose Moomin Coffee when visiting Helsinki? Naturally families with children, true Moomin fans, those who love colors, small details and fairytale like food. It truly is a café which you will leave feeling great.