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Turku Cafe

Turku Cafe offers fresh coffee, oven baked bakery products, delicious sandwiches and tasty home made lunch buffet .

Turku Cafe is a cafe-restaurant chain, which provides happy, friendly service and brings a dash of colour to an airport environment. The product selection includes speciality coffees, fresh breads, confections and pastries made on-site.  

The shop offers a standard range of duty-free items, but domestic passengers are also welcome to shop. The product selection includes spirits and tobacco products, candies, daily-needs items and souvenirs. Local specialities are also available.

Opening hours

Turku Cafe, public area, before security

Turku Cafe, gate area, after security check

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Would you like to have our lunch menu? Please, send a message to marjo.leino(at)sspfinland.fi.