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Select Service Partner Finland Oy is a pioneer in their respective fields of responsibility in many areas, both locally and internationally. The company has succeeded well in its sector, developing at the same time, management systems and business places. 

We approach the theme of accountability through the 3P (people-planet-profit) idea. While we operate through people in taking note of the environment, we are also producing long-term results for our shareholders. Our responsibility comes from the people, whilst the mission of SSP Finland is also "Happy People Blooming Business". This mission extends from the employees to the customers and partnerships. 

The welfare of the employees and the early transmission model is themed under the Boosted program and the incentive plan under the Booster program. Our company is also involved in the annual UNICEF campaign THIRST-campaign. 

The Restaurant Fly Inn at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the first and only airport restaurant in Finland to have received the Finnish Swan ecolabel. We also pay special attention to the responsibility of the operators in the choice of cooperation partners and raw materials. 

The financial success of the company comes from the sales management, for which as support, we use the Booster, Operational Disciplines-, Kaizen- and the 12 PPP -programs. As a result of their financial liquidity, SSP Finland was classified as a Kauppalehti Achiever Company between 2010 and 2014.


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