Upper Crust

At Upper Crust, we offer the ideal answer to your bustling days!

Our baguettes, fresh and crispy, are easy to grab on the go. Crafted with high-quality locally sourced ingredients, our baguettes promise uncompromised freshness, backed by a 6-hour freshness guarantee.

Baguettes may be our specialty but we also have a variety of other bread products, sweet treats, snacks, refreshing beverages, and coffee.

So, whether you’re hopping on a train, metro, bus, heading to the office, or simply going home, grab a fresh baguette and a drink from Upper Crust!

Helsinki Central railway station, Elielinaukio 3, 00100 Helsinki
Mon-Fri 6-22, Sat-Sun 7-21
Exceptional opening hours:
25 Jun and 26 Jun 9-16
+358 40 663 7683