Protecting our environment

Packaging materials

We are committed to reducing the amount of plastic we use and switching to recycled plastic when plastic-free is not an option. Most of our units already use compostable coffee cups and lids as well as meal boxes made of bagasse or cardboard. All the disposable cutlery and straws we offer our customers are compostable.

Food waste

We are committed to reducing food waste throughout our operations. With our waste management program, we have increased the awareness of our employees about food waste and its environmental and financial effects over the years.

In November 2020 we started co-operation with ResQ Club. We now sell leftover food and food items through the ResQ Club app altogether over 2000 pieces per year (7/21–6/22).

Customers have liked our products and service – 83% of the reviews received from our ResQ Club customers are good, which is the best rating!


The electricity we use is marked with a guarantee of origin and is 100 % renewable energy. At present the electricity is generated by hydro and wind power.