Serving our customers responsibly

Coffee and tea

All the hot drinks we offer our customers come from sources that have been verified sustainable. Since spring 2020, we have used only responsible UTZ or Rainforest Alliance certified filter and espresso coffee. Most of the coffee we used in 2021 was made from organically grown beans.

At our Starbucks stores we offer coffee certified as sustainable in accordance with the Starbucks responsibility program (C.A.F.E. = Coffee and Farmer Equity Practice).


We make sure that the fish and shellfish we use come from sustainable fish stocks and responsibly operating fishing companies.
We require that all foreign fish shellfish products delivered to us are MSC or ASC certified or responsibly verified, sustainably fished domestic fish species.


We use eggs in our kitchens every day and they are among the most important raw materials for cafe and restaurant operations. The egg production method has a great impact on animal welfare, and we have given up the use of cage eggs completely. At the moment, all the eggs we use are free-range eggs.

Palm oil

Palm oil is the most used vegetable oil in the world. Palm oil is used in many foodstuffs and the use is common especially in bakery products.

The use of palm oil itself is not harmful, but the continuous expansion of palm oil production into new areas in the tropics is a threat to biodiversity and causes deforestation and significant greenhouse gas emissions. It may also involve human rights violations of the employees and indigenous people.

We are committed to sourcing the raw materials we use in such a way that the palm oil we use is responsibly certified in accordance with the RSPO certification system.