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Ahkio Kitchen and Bar

Ahkio Kitchen and Bar

At Ahkio a traveler's tastebuds are seduced with traditional flavours of Lapland, as well as dishes with a modern twist. Indulge with reindeer meatballs served with mashed potatoes and lingonberries or a plate of steaming, creamy salmon soup. Try the reindeer ramen or the signature salad at Ahkio, with baked cheese, archipelago bread croutons and cloudberry vinaigrette. From our extensive menu one can find various types of pizza and burgers. For a smaller appetite, the café offers sandwiches and of course sweet delicacies – also available to take on the go. The atmospheric Ahkio can be found at Rovaniemi airport, directly after the security check.

Opening hours Ahkio Cafe

(Ahkio kitchen is temporarily closed)

Opening hours 13th of September

  • Mon 06.45 - 14.00, 16.00-18.45
  • Tue 11.15-14.00, 16.00-18.45
  • Wed 11.15-14.00, 16.00-18.45
  • Thu 06.45-14.00, 16.00-18.45
  • Fri 10.00-14.00, 16.00-18.45
  • Sat 11.15-14.00, 16.00-22.15
  • Sun 06.45-10.45, 11.45-18.30


  • Mon, Sun, Fri 10-14
  • Sun 14.30-18.30